For instructions on how to convert a terminated membership to a fresh lead click here.

For an -in-depth understanding, please refer to the example below. 

Brandon (member), has recently terminated his Silver Membership, however, was now interested in the Diamond Herbal Membership.

To add Brandon as a new Lead, Jane (merchant) from Core Setup clicked on Customer and under the Customer segment clicked on Brandon's name. 

This led her to the Member Detail segment where she scrolled down to the bottom of the page to the Add As Lead section and clicked on the blue + button. 

An Add Enquiry window popped up where Jane proceeded to use the Membership Enquiry dropdown menu to select the Diamond Herbal membership and from the Assigned To dropdown to allocate the Enquiry to Charles. Jane then clicked Proceed to continue.

With an Enquiry Saved Successfully message presented at the bottom of the screen, Jane had now landed on the Lead Detail segment. From here she clicked on the blue Save button. 

A Lead Saved Successfully messaged was showcased at the bottom right of her screen, along with Brandon showing under the Lead segment under the Lead module.