For instructions on how to add multiple enquiries to a single lead click here.

For an -in-depth understanding, please refer to the example below. 

Brian Williams (and existing Lead) called enquiring about another membership. To add a new enquiring Jane (merchant) from the Core Setup clicked on the Lead module, landing her on the Lead segment page. 

She then clicked on Brian's name which brought her to the Lead Detail page - two segments over she then clicked on Enquiries. Here she saw that Brian had an existing enquiry, to add a new enquiry she clicked on the blue box on the right of her screen titled Add Enquiries

A box popped up with two dropdown menus. The Membership Enquiry dropdown allowed her to choose the membership that Brian enquired about - Golden Membership Yoga. The second dropdown menu - Assigned To let her allocate the enquiry to a specific staff member in this instance she chose Charles Max. 

She then clicked the blue Proceed button. 

Jane could now see the new enquiry  Membership Enquiries section along with an Enquiry Saved Successfully message at the bottom right of her. screen.