For instructors on how to Schedule a Lead Call, please click here.

For an in-depth understanding, please refer to the example below:

William wanted to schedule an appointment for Bryan. He did so by going to the Lead module. William clicked on the Lead segment and went to Edit under the Action title against Bryans name.

William clicked on the Activities button and went to the Appointments section. William clicked on the Add Activity and filled out the necessary information to book an Appointment against Bryan. 


William chose a Date for the Appointment, however, if William wanted to book an appointment, for Now, the date would already be chosen. William selected an Outcome for the appointment, and What's Next. However, if William chose Later, he would only have to select the Assign To from the dropdown menu and the Start and End time.

William could have added notes if the need occurred and William Saved the appointment, which now showed in the Activities log. If William wanted to select All, he would have been able to see all the activities related to Bryan. However, if William wanted to select Appointments, only the related appointments would have been visible.