For instructions on how to change a lead status click here.

For an in-depth understanding, please refer to the example below. 

  • Changing a Lead Status From Business Flow

Jane (merchant), wanted to move her lead Brian Williams from Enquiry status to Proposal Made status. From Core Setup she clicked on Lead and then on the Business Flow segment. From here she spotted Brian Williams name under the Enquiry column, from where she simply held down on his name and dragged him over to the Proposal Made column. 

  • Changing a Lead Status From the Lead Segment

Similarly Jane had the option to change the status of her lead in a different way. Jane went from Core Setup to the Lead segment and clicked on her lead Brian Williams name. 


This brought her to the Lead Detail screen from where the Activities segment could be seen. Jane clicked on Activities, which brought forth a new page. From the Activities page Jane glanced over to the right of her screen and saw the Lead Status dropdown menu that allowed her to change Brian's status from Enquiry to Proposal Made