For instructors on how to Reschedule a Lead Call, please click here.

For an in-depth understanding, please refer to the example below:

William wanted to reschedule a Lead Call with Bryan. William went to the Lead module and selected Lead

William then clicked on Edit against Byrans name. Once done, he clicked on the Activities


William could only reschedule a Lead Call if it was selected as Later when the creation took place. William searched for the Lead Call he wanted to reschedule and clicked on the Edit

There were two ways in which William could have selected a Later Date for the rescheduled Lead Call.

  1. By choosing a new date from the Calendar window, which appeared on the left side.
  2. By selecting Select Date from within the dialogue box. 

Once William was satisfied with his preferred Date, he Saved the rescheduled Lead Call by selecting the Save option at the bottom. 


Now William saw his new rescheduled Lead Call in the Activities Log. If William ever wanted to change the Lead Call, he would do the same as before. But William cannot reschedule a Lead Call if it was set to Now