For instructors on how to Schedule a Lead Call, please click here.

For an in-depth understanding, please refer to the example below:

William (Merchant) wanted to Schedule a Lead Call for Bryan. William went to the Lead Module and selected Lead. William then clicked on the Edit against Bryans name. William clicked on Activities and added a New Activity


William schedules a later call for Bryan by clicking on the Add Activity , which was at the top right corner. 


William chose Later, where he gave a Title for the reason of the call. Also, William assigned the Scheduled Call to a member of staff or the relevant Lead Staff Member, William also added a Contact Reason, which helped his Staff with relevant information.  William added a Start and End Time for the Later Call. Also, there was an option to add Notes, which could help the associated Staff Member with information related to that specific Later Call, However, this was an optional feature


William Saved the Call scheduled for Bryan and it was visible in the Activities Log. William now had two options, either to select All and see every Activity related to Bryan or to select Calls, just to be able to see relevant Call information.