For instructors on how to Schedule a Lead Call for now, please click here.

For an in-depth understanding, please refer to the example below:

William (Merchant) scheduled a Lead Call for Bryan (Lead). William went to the Lead module and selected Lead. William clicked on the Edit against Bryans Name under the Action title.

William clicked on Activities and was shown all the Activities related to Bryan.

William now scheduled a Lead Call for Bryan by clicking on the Add Activity at the top right corner. William selected the date and chose whether to Schedule a Call for Bryan Now or Later. William also added a Title, which helped recognize the reason for the Call. William also selected a Contact Reason from the pre-requisite dropdown menu. 

William selected the Outcome of the Call as; Spoke To, Left Message or No Answer

Also, William had to select What's Next for the Scheduled Call against Bryan by; Call, Appointment, Sale, Lost or No Further Action. 

William also had the option to add Notes, however, this was an optional feature. 

Once William created the Lead Call, for Now, he Saved it, which was shown in the Activities Log. There was an option for William to select All, where each and every Activity related to Bryan would be shown, or to select Calls, where only Call Activities would be visible.