For instructions on how to create a new lead click here

For an -in-depth understanding, please refer to the example below. 

Jane (merchant), wished to create a new lead for Brian Williams (client). She went to the Lead module and under the Lead segment she clicked on Add Lead


Jane proceeded to fill in all required fields in the Personal Information, where email address, first and last name are required. By clicking upload image Jane can added a picture in lead's profile! However, this feature is optional.  Jane then continued to the Enquiry Information section where from the dropdown menu she selected (staff) for the Lead. Next, Jane chose the type of Membership (Herbal Massage) Brian enquired about.  Now she can click View to see all the benefits of the enquired membership. 

Jane filled out the Home Address section with Country, State/County, Address Line 1, Address Line 2, City, and Postal/Zip Code. By completing this optional section it will all Jane to auto populate the Billing Address and Shipping Address section by using the 'Same as Home Address' button. 

As Jane continued to the General Information section she entered more in-depth information about Brian. Here you can enter if Brian was referred by another member, choose the source of the Lead, enter where Brian works, what he does for a living, and any other relevant notes she may have about the Lead.

The Permission section allows Jane to select methods of communication that will be ok with Brian. Jane can also decide if she is ok with Brian making partial payments in the future if she choose to become a member. The First Aid button will be the only button toggled off as default. Brian says to Jane that all methods of communications are ok - to which Jane left all button toggled on. Jane then scrolled to the top and clicked Save the New Lead.


Brian Williams can now be seen on the Lead segment page