To create a GoCardless mandate, you will need to go to Member → Add Member. Complete the required fields and click on Continue. Upon clicking Continue you will be sent to the Select Membership section.

In Select Membership, you will need to

  1. Select a membership
  2. Select a start date
  3. Select GoCardless as the payment method
  4. Select collection date. Important: Minimum collection date must be 5 days ahead of today.
  5. Add the account holders name
  6. Add the account number
  7. Add the Sort Code
  8. Tick the duel terms & conditions

Once completed, click on Continue and you will reach Payment Method.

On this screen you will get

  1. Summary of the membership
  2. First payment date & amount
  3. Subsequent payment date and amount
  4. The Direct Debit Guarantee

Once you are happy, click Continue and this will set up the mandate and you will get a confirmation popup.

To view/delete mandates go to Member → Gateway Accounts