Payment Statues

Every Direct Debit payment goes through certain stages before it is paid out to your registered

merchant account. These stages are displayed in Member → Payments or under Member → Select a member → Payments when viewing individual member payments.

Payment statuses are provided according to the stage they are in the payment collection cycle.

These are as follows:

  Pending Gateway Submission:

The payment has been submitted to Wellyx successfully and is awaiting submission to GoCardless.

  Pending Bank Submission:

The payment has been submitted to GoCardless but hasn’t yet been submitted to the banking system for processing. The payment will be automatically submitted prior to the charge date. You can still cancel payments while they are pending submission.


The payment has been submitted to the banking system for

processing, and can no longer be cancelled. If you would still like to cancel the payment at this stage, please advise your customer to contact their bank directly with this request.


The payment has been confirmed by the customer’s bank as having been successfully collected from their account. Once the payment has been confirmed, GoCardless will arrange for it to be paid out to your registered account.


The payment has been submitted to Wellyx successfully but has been frozen subsequently. Therefore, it will not be collected.


The payment was not successfully collected from the members bank account. The reason for this failure will be listed on your members payment statues. You can manually retry a failed payment up to 3 times.

  Resubmission Requested:

If the customer's Direct Debit mandate is still active, you will be able to retry the payment. You will not be charged for a failed payment.

  Paid out:

The payment has been paid out from GoCardless to the merchant bank account.


The payment was cancelled before the charge date. No further action will be taken on this payment. If you would like to retry this payment, we would advise creating a new payment for the member.

Failure Codes

Payment failures can happen for several reasons, each of which is given a reason code by the

customer's bank according to why the payment couldn't be collected.

The most common reasons for payment failures are:

  Insufficient funds:

The customer doesn't have enough funds in their account to cover the payment.

  Instruction cancelled

The customer's Direct Debit Instruction (DDI) is inactive.

  No instruction

The customer does not have a Direct Debit Instruction set up with you. In rare cases, this may be due to a small bank requiring additional time to set up a Direct Debit.

  Account closed

Your customer's DDI has been cancelled as they've closed their bank account.

Being notified of a failure

In almost all cases, GoCardless receives payment failure reports from payers' banks one working day following the charge date. These will then be processed, and the payment status will update accordingly. Payment status can be found at Member → Payments → Payment Status