Wellyx integrates with several payment providers. To integrate with your preferred payment

provider, you will need to click on Setup → Payment Integration and then find your payment



If you have an account with GoCardless, find the GoCardless integration panel and click on Connect.

Once you have clicked on Connect, you will be re-directed to GoCardless to either Sign In or create

an account.

To Sign up, fill in the required information and click Create Account. Once you have created an

account, you will be re-directed back to Wellyx. If your account is verified, you should see a green

verified box. If your account is not verified by GoCardless, you will see a red unverified box.

To become verified, you will need to Sign In to GoCardless and submit the required documentation.

To Sign In to GoCardless enter your GoCardless email address and password, agree to the Connected

Merchant Agreement and click on Connect Account.

If a valid account exists, you will be re-directed back to Wellyx.